"The interchange of information is creating a new paradigm for the energy efficiency market."

- Greg Turner of Honeywell Building Solutions

Some Of Our Services

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Integration & Interface

Utilizing the Niagara Platform provides the ability to seamlessly integrate and interface with all third party equipment. This allows (in most applications) the user to control a specific piece of equipment without altering the factory provided logic or programming.
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Service & Retrofit

Service is a major part of our business and something we pride ourselves in. Our skilled professionals will diagnose issues with your system and give you options for repair and or upgrade. If replacement or upgrade is in order we can provide retrofit options on your system that will maintain continuous operation of your system with cost savings in mind.
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User Interface

The user experience and ability to operate their system is key to maintaining a healthy building. We believe that a trained and knowledgeable customer is a successful building operator. We strive to provide our customers with the most intuitive, informative user interface.
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Project Development

From commercial to industrial applications we have the ability to support a controls project from engineering, programming, graphics, installation, commissioning & service for any size project. All of work is done in house with the same quality assurance and attention to detail you've come to expect from our reliable service.
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Engineering Services

We offer engineering services for a variety of applications. Redesign of sequence and programming, new controls project, existing plant P&ID drawings, network architectural layout, etc. Contact us for more information on engineering capabilities.
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Optimization Strategies

A Sequence of operation is written to be the most efficient and effective means to operate a piece of equipment at that specific moment. What about 5, 10 even 15 years from that moment? Is it still as efficient? The answer is most likely "no" and we are here to get your equipment back on track and running in the most efficient scenario possible.
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Alarming & Trending

Viewing your system on a daily basis can be a challenge. The ability to setup maintenance alarms, equipment failure alarms, network communication alarms, etc. and pair that with a full history and trending report for all equipment gives you a peace of mind. Technicians can use this aid in diagnosing issues as well as overseeing building operations for on call scenarios.
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Supervisory Control

Supervisory controls allows the ability to store, view and trend points from anywhere. A user can store trends for an infinite time period on the cloud for access at any time and also view their system remotely at any time with the ability to route alarming via email, text, etc. Remote access to their system can be viewed via cell phone, computer, tablet, etc.

Sophisticated Optimized Integrations

We Work With
The Best

When striving to be the best why not work with the best.

We choose Honeywell Controls because of the comprehensive options available for both industrial and commercial applications. Honeywell's advanced software on the Niagara based platform allows easy implementation of optimized control strategies and safe control with in-depth security features. Utilizing Honeywell controls gives us the ability to seamlessly integrate vav, ahu, rtu, central plant, etc. controls. We minimize worry and let you concentrate on the things that matter at work.

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Niagara 4

Pioneering a modular approach for global design.

The Niagara 4 platform is not only JAVA free with no browser dependencies it also provides an all new user experience and interface for both operators and programmers. Improved security gives you a peace of mind that your building will be under control giving you more accessible data at your fingertip. The new JACE design allows easy to use modules for network types as well as a faster more power base and deployment process.

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A Few More Features

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Data Collection &

Are you collecting the proper data?

There are many ways to get started collecting and monitoring the proper data on your system. Submetering is a great way to recognize your total kW consumption for individual equipment and understand the peak demand to avoid nonsense charges. Bitcreative specializes in energy plans to recognize savings in all building types.

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